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2023 AWE Challenge Results

January 3, 2024

Golden Physicians Medical Group is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 AWE Challenge. The winning PCP offices are: Dr. Rocio Flores, Dr. Gabriel Gil and Dr. Renato De la Rosa (Chula Vista office).

During 2023, twenty-five PCP offices completed a minimum of 75% or more of the expected Annual Wellness Exams (AWEs) by December 15th and qualified for the random drawing. We would like to recognize the twenty-five PCP offices that met the 75% or more threshold:

Lopez, Jose
Tiangco, Irineo
Dao, Viet
Toldedo, Abel
De Carvalho, Carlos
Gil, Gabriel
Niguidula, Troy
Altavas, Valerie
De La Rosa, Renato
Dwabe, Kefah
Flores, Rocio
Rawi, Bashir
Villa, Maria
Medina, Natalie
Benson, Jimi
Sanzone, Ronald
Recalde, Francisco
Singhal, Bindu
Toulouie, Elahe
Trimor Tamoria, Maria
Braverman, Ira
Borrero, Marcos
Liu, Chia Lin
Uwedjojevwe, Leticia
Alsabbak, Hassan

Lastly, we would like to thank all of the Golden Physicians PCP offices for completing the Annual Wellness Exams during 2023.

Thank you for your continued support of Golden Physicians Medical Group and we look forward to another successful AWE Challenge during 2024!!

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