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Tips for Talking with Your Health Care Provider about Your Mental Health

May 23, 2024

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Start the conversation with your health care provider today. Here are five tips to prepare and guide you about your mental health and getting your questions answered during your visit.

  1. Talk to a primary care provider – speaking with your primary care provider is a great first step to discuss our mental health.
  2. Prepare ahead of your visit – prepare any questions you may have, a list of your current medications, and review your family history before your visit.
  3. Consider bringing a friend or relative – it may be helpful to bring someone for support, help you take notes, and remember what you and your provider discuss.
  4. Be honest – be open and honest while communicating with your provider. Share any recent life changes or any major stressors existing in your daily life.
  5. Ask questions – express your concerns and ask questions with your provider.

Staying up to date with your provider on your mental health is essential for your health and well-being. Remember to prepare ahead of your visit, consider bringing a friend to your appointment, be honest, and ask questions. Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider today to learn more about your mental health.




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