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How to Prevent Diabetes

December 4, 2023

Did you know 96 million U.S adults have prediabetes and more than 80% of them don’t know they do? The good news is that prediabetes can be reversed.

Here are some steps you take to help prevent diabetes:

Perform physical activity

  • Aerobic exercise. Aim for 30 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise — such as brisk walking, swimming, biking or running — on most days for a total of at least 150 minutes a week.
  • Resistance exercise. Resistance exercise — at least 2 to 3 times a week — increases your strength, balance and ability to maintain an active life. Resistance training includes weightlifting, yoga and calisthenics.
  • Limited inactivity. Breaking up long bouts of inactivity, such as sitting at the computer, can help control blood sugar levels. Take a few minutes to stand, walk around or do some light activity every 30 minutes.


Eat a variety of healthy, fiber-rich foods, which include:

  • Fruits, such as tomatoes, peppers and fruit from trees
  • Non starchy vegetables, such as leafy greens, broccoli and cauliflower
  • Legumes, such as beans, chickpeas and lentils
  • Whole grains, such as whole-wheat pasta and bread, whole-grain rice, whole oats, and quinoa

Unsure if you have prediabetes? Take the 1-minute prediabetes risk test. If you have further questions about your results, schedule a visit with your primary care provider.


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